Vendor Application

With more than 10,000 visitors crossing through Downtown Reno during both the Reno Sculpture Fest and neighboring Reno Riverfest, vendors not only have the opportunity to present their wares, they become a part of the experience itself!

Reno Sculpture Fest is now accepting applications for Vendors during our 2017 event held on the Reno Retrak Plaza from May 12th-14th, 2017. Site planning is in progress and we anticipate organizing both a Food Track Park and a merchant’s village prominently and conveniently placed within the main corridors of operations.

We are also accepting applications for businesses to show off their activities including yoga, wellness, permiculture, brew-making, art lessons, and kids workshops! Show off your services and gain new customers for years to come.

Sounds like something you would be interested in? Fill out our Vendor App!

Please submit no later than April 30th, 2017.


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