2017 Opportunities

Over the last decade, the US has seen a dramatic increase in demand for boutique art and cultural festivals, so much that the call to this demand has resulted in an oversaturation of pay-walled festival gardens. Reach is limited, the experience is homogenized, and impact is diminished.

We’re changing the rules. The pay wall is coming down and art is going up for the entire world to see.

Get involved in our 2017 event and showcase your brand as ART to more than 30,000 visitors traveling to the area for the 2017 Reno Sculpture Fest.  In addition to traditional brand placements, we invite all our sponsors to participate in crafting custom experiences to optimize engagement around your products and services.

Contact us today to talk about synergies, sponsor packages, and partnership opportunities to reach your target audience at Reno Sculpture Fest 2017.


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