Peter Hazel

Peter Hazel

Kings Beach, CA

Peter Hazel has been working as a tile and granite contractor for over 28 years.  He is a master craftsman well-known for his design expertise and creativity with color, layout, and grain matching. Growing up Peter was surrounded by great artists including his own father, Richard Hazel.  Richard was renowned for his fine landscape oil paintings and entrepreneurial flair. He also owned several art galleries in the Half Moon Bay area.

On a trip to Barcelona in 2008, Hazel came across the works of Antoni Gaudi. A Spanish architect, Gaudi is known for his highly individual and distinctive style that integrates the use of neo-Gothic and Oriental architecture with ceramics, stained glass, wrought iron work, and carpentry. “After seeing Gaudi’s work, I couldn’t wait to get home and start creating my own. As my first piece, I made a bird bath for a friend as a birthday gift.  The whole experience was not only profound and enjoyable, but the reaction so positive that it really inspired me to take it further. I didn’t know if it was going to be good, and apart from my experience with ceramics and stone, I was entering new territory. I was so inspired by what I had seen in Gaudi’s work.”

Spurred on by early reactions to his work, Peter set about making a large piece of functional art – The Wave bench, made entirely out of recycled ceramics.  It is currently on display at the Napa Art Walk.

In 2012, Peter Hazel was commissioned to create a giant mosaic pumpkin by Cameron Palmer, committee chairman for the world famous Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. Measuring 10-feet high by 12-feet wide and weighing in at 10,000 pounds, it is considered the world’s largest, heaviest work of “pumpkin art.” Most poignant, however, is Peter’s personal connection to the festival, first initiated by his artist father in 1971.

Among his significant pieces is a fan favorite, “Love Letter to Elaine,” featured at the 2014 Burning Man festival. “Love Letter” is a tribute to his sweetheart and her favorite flower, standing 15 feet tall.  It is currently on display on Victorian Ave in Sparks, NV.  He again participated in the 2015 Burning Man festival with “Fly By,” a giant manta ray, in collaboration with Colin O’Bryan, a steel artist.  Currently “Fly By” is on display outside his Verdi, NV studio while they decide where it’s permanent home will be.

Alongside these giant works of art, Peter has created numerous smaller pieces that are on display throughout Washington, California and Colorado. A small sampling of these pieces can be seen by scrolling through the gallery pages of this website.

Aside from works created from his own vivid imagination, Peter is happy to accept commissions for custom work. Please visit the Acquisition and Commission page or contact us for more information.


Octavius is a HUGE ceramic mosaic octopus covered in vibrant shades of orange, blue and purple. The tentacles twist and turn, and the head is hollow, inviting visitors to have a change of perspective.